Professor of Immersive Storytelling, I am a researcher and artist specialising in play and storytelling for children. Having a doctorate in Education and MA degrees in Research Methods, Early Childhood Education and Japanese Semiotics my work crosses academia and industry. I am the Co-Founder of a storytelling consultancy and studio called X||dinary Stories

My research sits at the intersection of experimental design and social sciences, focusing on digital storytelling, games and play on a range of platforms such as apps, augmented and virtual reality, as well as new content for television, all with an emphasis on media for children.

As an artist I use drawing, emerging technologies and game engines to explore experimental visual and multimodal methods as part of the research process. In this way I take an Information Experience Design approach to including participants in the research process, also to connect data findings [the information] to design and production [the experience].


2023                Exploring Children’s Attitudes Towards Notions of Digital Good/Bad through Hybrid Arts Practice. ESRC, £50K.
Principal-Investigator. (Co-Is) RCA, GSA, UCL and X||dinary Stories.

2023                Rear Window for Brick Moon Virtual Theatre. Arts Council of Northern Ireland, £10K.  
Principal Investigator with Eleanor Dare, X||dinary Stories in collaboration with Big Telly.

2023                Communication Design in the Context of Child Health. Impact Accelerator Funding, University of Sheffield, £16K.   
Co-Investigator. (PI) Jill Thompson, University of Sheffield (Co-I) LEGO.

2022                Trials with MRI Playkit, TiTCH Network and University of Sheffield, £30K.
Co-Investigator. (PI) Jill Thompson, University of Sheffield, Sheffield Children’s NHS Trust.

2022-2023      Future of Broadcast Media for 7-11-Year-olds, AHRC via XR Stories, £24K.              Principal-Investigator with Eleanor Dare X||dinary Stories. Read more here. 

2019-2023       Promoting Disaster Resilience in Children: Developing a Network to Research Culturally Appropriate, Sustainable Public Health Interventions in Fiji and Samoa. GCRF, £25K.     Co-Investigator. (PI) Jill Thompson, University of Sheffield, Universities of Fiji, Samoa and Auckland (Delayed by COVID). Read more here.

2019-2021       VR and Mixed-Realities Play Kit to Prepare Under 10s for an MRI. Innovate UK. £388K (including additional COVID-19 support)
Principal Investigator. (Co-I) University of Sheffield, GSA, Sheffield Children’s Hospital NHS Trust. Read more here.

2021                Counter measures: Giving Children better control over how they're observed by digital sensors. EPSRC, £50K.            
Co-Investigator. (PI) Angus Main, Royal College of Art. (Co-I) UCL. Read more here.

2019-2020       Location-Based Virtual Reality Experiences for Children: Japan-UK Knowledge Exchange Network. ESRC/AHRC, £50K.
Principal Investigator. (Co-I) RCA, GSA, UCL, Hashilus, Japan, University of Tokyo, WEARVR.
Read more here.

2016-2018       The Potential Role of FabLabs and Maker Spaces in the Lives of Children. RISE, Marie Sklowska Curie Action, €531K.
Co-Investigator. (PI) Jackie Marsh, University of Sheffield. Read more here.

2016-2018       VR and Children: Emerging Possibilities and Challenges. Commercially funded, £45K.
Principal Investigator. Read more here. 

2016                Investigating the Design and Use of a New Smart-Toy in Relation to Children’s Play. COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), €2484. 
Principal Investigator. (Co-I) Vai Kai Ltd, Berlin. Read more here.

2015                Play and Creativity in Preschoolers use of Apps. ESRC, £54k.
Co-Investigator. (PI) Jackie Marsh, University of Sheffield, Cbeebies, University of Edinburgh, Foundling Bird, Dubit, Monteany Primary School. Read more here. 

2014                Developing Videogames & Play for Hospitalised children. AHRC, £30K.
Co-investigator. (PI) Wood, University of Sheffield. (Co-Is) Birmingham and Sheffield NHS Trusts, Stripey Designs and Distinctive Games. Read more here.

Recent Conference 
Presentations & Talks

Yamada-Rice, D. (2023) Evolve-it. 
Plymouth Undokai, University of Plymouth (24/11/23)

Yamada-Rice, D. & Dare, E. (2023) The Future of Broadcast Media according to Kids.International Conference on Texhnologu, Innovation, Entrepreneaurship and Education (EAI) Conference Magdalene College, University of Cambridge. 

Yamada-Rice, D. & Dare, E. (2023) The Future of Broadcast Media according to Kids.
Children’s Media Conference 2023. Recorded talk disseminated online.

Dare, E. & Yamada-Rice, D. (2023) The Future of Broadcast Media according to Kid.
The Future is Northern, The Studio, Leeds (28/3/23).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2023) Storytelling in a Digital Age: how immersive entertainment can support childhood development.
Invited talk for NESTA. (23/02/23).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2023) A visionary look at how the metaverse could change research and insights practices in the near future.
Insights from the Metaverse 2023, Market Research Society. (20/01/23).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2022) Games & Play to Engage Research Participants in Projects about Change.
Invited talk for Manchester Centre for Youth Studies, online. (26/10/22).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2022)  Art and Design in Protests,
Village Green Talks, MMU. (12/10/22).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2022) Games & Play to Engage Research Participants in Projects about Change.
Games for Change, New York City.(13-16/07/22). Keynote.

Yamada-Rice, D. & Dare, E. (2022)  Equity and the Immersive Lab: Polygon by polygon, how do we build an equitable world. Kingston University, London (22/06/22) Keynote.

Main, A.  Grierson, M., Yamada-Rice, D. & Murr, J. (2022) Augmenting Personal Creativity with Artificial Intelligence.Creativity & Cognition, Venice. Full-day Workshop (20/06/22). 

Yamada-Rice, D. (2022) The Art of Storytelling. 
Invited talk for The Richmond Market Insight Forum, Savoy Place, London (08/06/22).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2022) Re-Imagining Data Storytelling and Impact. Invited presentation for Western Cape Education Department’s Empower Hour, South Africa (20/05/22).

Yamada-Rice, D. & Dare, E. (2022) Virtual magic: sleight of hand in immersive storytelling. Connecting Screens: Playing with Immersive Systems Research Symposium, Leeds School of Art, Invited Keynote (30/03/22).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2022) Designing with Children: How to Involve them in Research. Digital Kids Today, Aarhaus, Denmark, Invited Keynote (3/3/22).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2022) Dismantel the Doors: approaches to interdisciplinary research and practice. Invited keynote speaker for i-Dat Visitng Lecturers and given as part of the University of Plymouth’s Professional And Creative Attributes Week (24/02/22).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2022)  Dismantle the Doors: an interdisciplinary approach to information and experience in the design of play and storytelling, Manchester School of Art (10/02/22).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2022) Invited Keynote presentation for "What Matters in Early Childhood Studies Now? Dialogues of Pasts, Presents and Futures" Conference, Brock University (27/01/22).

Yamada-Rice, D. & Dare, E. (2021) Virtual [UN]Reality: the role of magic in immersive storytelling, Immersive Storytelling Symposium, Lakeside Arts, Nottingham (02/11/21).

Yamada-Rice, D. (2021) Invited panel presentation for 'Digital Devices Before 5' Workshop for Bradford City Council organised by University of Leeds, Invited Talk (10/05/21).

On this site you can find details of my RESEARCH & GRAPHIC NARRATIVES with links to related publications, reports, stories and games/ 

There is also a BLOG which documents work and ideas as they are in progress interlinked with details of finished publications. 

Yamada-Rice, D. & Dare, E. (2024)‘In the Future We Will Make Our Own Superheroes’: Reflections on the Future of Broadcast for Children Aged 7–11. In: Crawford, D., Foss, J., Lambert, N., Reed, M. & Kriebel, J. (eds)Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Education. Springer.

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