Makerspaces & Virtual Reality

November 2016- November 2018
Funded by Marie Sklodowaka-Curie Action as part of the wider EU MakEY Project Dylan Yamada-Rice, RCA; Deborah Rodrigues, Glück Workshops and Justyna Zubrycka, Vai Kai

This project was one part of a wider study ‘Makerspaces: Enhancing Digital Literacy and Creativity (MakEY)’ EU, Australia and the Americas study. Working together with a Berlin-based toy company known as Vai Kai, the Berlin Fab Lab and Glück Workshops we sought to understand how children can use hacking and making techniques to create, design and play in Virtual Reality.



Related Publications

Yamada-Rice, D., Rodrigues, D. & Zubrycka, J. (2019) Makerspaces and Virtual Reality Chapter 5. In: Blum-Ross, A., Kumpulainen, K. & Marsh, J. (eds) Enhancing Digital Literacy and Creativity: Makerspaces in the Early Years. Routledge.

Related Talks

Yamada-Rice, D. (2019) Invited Keynote speaker: Media Education Summit, Cologne, Germany Nov, 19th, 2019

Yamada-Rice, D. (2018) Invited Keynote speaker: Using makerspaces as an opportunity for involving children in the development of Virtual Reality content and play at international conference Researching Multimodal Childhood: Methodological Challenges and Innovations, Odense, Denmark, 13th Aug, 2018
Image: Workshop at Eureka Children’s Museum