UK-Japan Location-Based VR Network

January 2019- May 2020
Jointly funded by ESRC & AHRC

Dylan Yamada-Rice (PI), Co-Is: John Potter, University College London, Angus Main & Eleanor Dare, Royal College of Art, Steve Love, Glasgow School of Art, Takuji Narumi, University of Tokyo and partners Andrew Douthwaite, WEARVR, Kei Miyoshi, Location-based VR Association Japan and Akihiro Ando, Hashilus  

The overall intention of this knowledge exchange (KE) project was to bring together a network of academics and digital gaming industry partners in Japan and the UK to join up knowledge, begin researching the current state of VR experiences and technologies, and to understand the best methodologies for including children in the design of VR experiences for them. This was undertaken so that this knowledge can be applied to areas in which VR is evolving for children, such as entertainment, education and health care. Further details are available on the project blog

Images: exploring location-based VR in the UK

Key findings from the project related to (1) The Virtual Unreal, (2) Illusion and Magic (3)Physical Materials and Details and (4) Emotions and Social Experiences. Further details of these are available in the following publication:

Yamada-Rice, D., Dare, E. Main, A., Potter, J., Ando, A. Miyoshi, K., Narumi, T., Beshani, S., Clark, A., Duszenko, I. Love, S., Nash, R., Rodrigues, D., Stearman, N. (2020)Location-Based Virtual Reality Experiences for Children: Japan-UK Knowledge Exchange Network: Final Project Report. Available online here

Images: Exploring Location-based VR in Japan

Dare & Yamada-Rice (2021) Virtual [UN]Reality: the role of magic in immersive storytelling, Immersive Storytelling Symposium, Lakeside Arts, 2nd Nov 2021

Invited Speaker: Yamada-Rice, D. (2021) Children and Virtual Reality, UCL Centre for Multimodality Talks, 15th October, 2021

Invited Panellist: Yamada-Rice, D. (2020) VR & Children: Opportunities and Critiques, Interaction Design and Children (IDC), Virtual Conference, 24th June 2020

Invited Keynote: Yamada-Rice, D. (2020) Children & VR: Game + Design Education, PUDCAD Universal Design Education Practice Conference, 24 June 2020, virtual conference

Invited Keynote: Yamada-Rice, D. (2019) Clash of Realities, Cologne, Germany, 20th Nov 2019

Image: project team