NOV 2016- NOV 2017

The Children and Virtual Reality project studied the effects of VR on 8 to 12 year olds, in terms of engagement and interaction, as well as health and saftey issues. 

The findings of the project formed the basis of  a collaborative research report between Dubit, Turner, WEARVR and the COST (EuropeanCooperation in Science and Technology) Action DigiLitEY.

Dubit, Turner and WEARVR are companies that specialise in digital, TV and VR content, with an interest in developing best practices around VR and children. DigiLitEY was a five year (2013-2017) academic network that focuses on existing and emerging communicative technologies for young children. This includes wearable technologies, 3D printers, robots, augmented reality, toys and games and relevant aspects of the Internet of Things.

The report brings together the research findings  with ideas that arose from a COST-funded Think Tank to explore what the research findings might mean for the use of VR by under 8s. It was widely distributed to industry.




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Children and VR: Emeging possibilities and Challenges, BAFTA,  19th September 2017

Children’s Media Conference
FOCUS Network Summer School

What is Narrative in VR? How can it be used in Education? DigiLitEY X Dubit Think Tank, April 25 2017