Exploring Children’s Attitudes Towards Notions of Digital Good/Bad through Hybrid Arts Practice

August 2023 - May 2024
Funded by ESRC via the Digital Good Network

with Eleanore Dare, Angus Main, John Potter and Steve Love

This project builds on our previous work that taught children about digital sensors, the data they can collect about them and used speculative design to create tools to subvert/block them. This project is broader seeking 9-13-year-old’s attitudes towards notions of digital good/bad and knowledge of how these may differ from adults.

Understanding children’s ideas/ knowledge is crucial in shaping our collective vision and actions. As theorists we draw upon Kress (2012; 1996), Barad, (2007), Nail (2020) and practices relating to ethical implications of digital, and emerging technologies. This will be achieved through networking events leading to hybrid art workshops for children to imagine and shape possible “digital good” futures where technology use is ethical, responsible, and inclusive.