An Enquiry into Young Children’s Interaction with and Comprehension of The Visual Mode in Japan

September 2010- 2013
Funded by ESRC 1+3
Dylan Yamada-Rice (formally) University of Sheffield

This was my doctoral research. The study considered the impact of increasingly visual means of communication (brought about by changes in digital media) on young children’s emerging knowledge of communication practices. Specfically, it looked at a group of seven children’s (between the ages of 3 and 6-years-old) interaction with and comprehension of the visual mode. The research took place over a six-month period in and around Tokyo, Japan.

The data were collected using children’s photographs of their interest in the visual mode, video recordings of environmental walks, interviews and mapping. They were analysed using content analysis, stop-motion animation and thematic analysis.

The data illustrated how young children primarily make meaning of the visual mode through their knowledge of an interest in the physical world. It also shows how some of their visual mode comprehension is emerging through interest in fictional visual texts such as comics, animation and gaming. 

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Related Talks

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