I undertook research as part of a jointly funded project, with the Principal Investigator Wendy Harris of Tutti Frutti  theatre company working with The Sleep Charity and Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust to support the development of a new play called ‘Sweet Dreams’ about the benefits of sleep.

Tutti Frutti are a theatre company specialising in productions for young children. The idea of the play was to respond to the need for wider knowledge about the importance of sleep by embedding information on its benefits and the fears children may have of it, into a play  for 3–7 year olds.

Image: Tutti Frutti

To support the development process I undertook research in two primary Schools in the North of England, using art and design methods to find out about children’s sleep habits and knowledge about the importance of sleep. 

Image: In-school research - children designing ways of achieving better sleep

Image: In- school research into children’s sleep routines

Additionally, I bridged a team of MA Information Experience Design students with Tutti Frutti in order to create a means for collecting data about sleep from the play audiences. The brief was to find an interactive means for collecting data, that could connect to the theme of sleep while also act as an experience in its own right. 

Illustration by Izabela Duszenko. Concepts by Izabela Duszenko, David Sappa and Dimitri Menexopolous

The work is on hold because of restrictions imposed by Covid-19.